Your Matchmaker Is Asking: How’s Your Love Life?

JF FACEJanuary — A great time to shine light on every nook and cranny of our lives.

EVERY nook and cranny?  Hmmm…maybe too daunting a task, huh? Yeah, I hear you.  OK, so let’s do this.  Let’s you and I both choose one or two arenas in our lives that have been in the shadows, overlooked, squeezed out of the picture, neglected perhaps.  Let’s choose challenge areas, where we’ve experienced difficulty, disappointment, worry, failure, exasperation, maybe at times even hopelessness…

And we’ll make a declaration together that we’re ready to bring about a change, new growth, expansion, and unprecidented results.  Whip out a pen and paper and list all of the areas of your life where you’ve been experiencing lack, frustration, or pain and then let’s isolate the one or two that you’re ready and eager to bring into focus and generate a new reality.

Go ahead, let’s do this together.  Pick your area of focus.

Personally, I’ll be focusing on strengthening My Bod and My Finances.  What’ll it be for you?

As your favorite Relationship Enabler and Friendly Neighborhood Love Broker, I’ve gotta ask you the question —  How’s Your Love Life?   If you’re single, and you wish you weren’t, then this blog’s for you.

Is it your sincere desire to find your way into a loving relationship this year?  Truly?  Check in on your gut, look in the mirror and ask the person inside if sharing life with a loving partner is what you really want for yourself in this coming year.  If it is loving relationship that you are sincerely seeking, then I’m so happy that you and I are connected.  Let’s see if we can HANDLE this for you in 2010.

I have coaches, gurus, and mentors whom I’ll be calling on for assistance and guidance in my first quarter 2010 plan for My Bod and My Finances. If I had everything figured out in those two arenas, I’d have already reached my financial and physical fitness goals, right?  So, I’ve got my coaches engaged this month to help me achieve my goals for these two important areas of my life.  And I’m here to help coach and guide you through the romantic marketplace.

If you’re single at the moment, and your vision for your future is to be in partnership, let’s check in to be sure you’re lining yourself up for growth, development, results, and success in this brave new year.

Mindset:  Let your mind in on your new reality.  Create a couple of affirmations, specifically love-life focused, or choose one of these, and say them out loud and often:

  • I am a Man Magnet.
  • Amazing women are drawn to me every day.
  • I am meeting thoroughly scrumptious single people everywhere I go.
  • My first dates are always fabulous.

Action Plan:  Wherever you are in our personal matchmaking Community — elevate yourself to the next level.  If you’re not fully registered with us, by all means, start here:

If we don’t yet have your photos and essays completed (required for inclusion in our Personal Matchmaking referrals) email and we’ll guide you through that simple process.   If you like the idea of having personal matchmakers working proactively for you, sifting, sorting, and lining up your Candidates or your Suitors, then schedule an appointment with us, and we’ll determine together if we’re an ideal fit for each other for personal matchmaking.  Email to schedule a consultation with us.

And my favorite new dating book is by Rachel Greenwald and it’s a great read for both men and women who are dating.  “Why He Didn’t call You Back”  —  Dive into it and report back.

In short, get clear about what your desires and your goals are, embrace your goal with a fresh, new, empowering mindset, and then put an action plan into place.   Need help?  That’s why we’re here.  Email us or call us here at Cupid’s Coach.

About Julie

Julie Ferman is the Founder of Julie Ferman Associates. As a personal matchmaker, dating coach, media personality, professional speaker, dating industry consultant and events producer, her mission is to dignify and simplify the love search process for selective, relationship-minded professionals. Julie Ferman Associates provides personal matchmaking services and a full menu of dating coaching services to single men and women throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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