You Can Make A Miracle in Matchmaking: Here’s How

A Matchmaking Miracle Happened Today.


A major triumph occurred today.

Human Spirit won the wrestling match with Fantasy and Instinct.

Here’s what happened. Pay attention, as you and I have this wrestling match every day and there’s a lesson in this story for us all.

Are you paying attention? Oh good!

Here’s the scoop:

My matchmaking client, beautiful, amazing, scrumptious Sarah came to me last month with her loooooooong list of preferences – the qualities and characteristics that she really, really does want Her Guy to have. I was admittedly a wee bit nervous, as hers is a tall order, as is often the case with the personal search clients I choose to sign on for matchmaking services. I’m not typically working with Average Joe’s and Average Jill’s – my matchmaking clients are usually Top Tier folks whose “ideal candidates” are tough to find, very much in demand, highly selective themselves and … not usually single for long.

So, even though I knew her search would be a challenging one, I was quite intrigued with Sarah, and my GUT told me that I could trust that she would trust me as her matchmaker and dating coach, to steer her in the right direction and to catch her if she was about to blow it. I took the leap of faith that it requires for me to take on a new matchmaking client. I sensed that she would allow me to guide and direct her, even into her blind spots, so that we could maximize our opportunities together and NOT MISS our chances with the interested bachelors I would be able to lasso for her.

She passed my first test … read here what happen next …

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