2 Awful Texting Mistakes That Cause Unnecessary Relationship Drama

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Oops! Now that’s embarrassing!

I saw two texting mishaps occur this week, each worthy of sharing. (We can all stand to learn from each other’s mistakes, right?)

1. Trash talking via text

The very horrible thing I did …

I sent a sensitive text message to my sister, about a delicate situation with another family member, but I mistakenly sent the message to the wrong person; in fact, I sent it to that very person I had been talking about, as I had text dialogues going on at the same time with each of them. Oh, what a mess I caused!

But, every bad thing that happens gives us a learning experience and an opportunity for growth, and with this horrific texting mishap I learned two things. Of course, the first is that moving forward, I need to proceed with caution when texting — being very, very careful who I’m sending text messages to. But more importantly, I should follow my father’s advice, which is to never say anything about anyone that I wouldn’t say directly to that person’s face.

Whether it’s an unkind or thoughtless comment you’re texting about a relative, a friend, a co-worker, or someone you’re dating, please learn from my mistake and think twice before sending it. You definitely want to avoid the hot water that I put myself in this week. OUCH!


Read the Second mistake here..


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  1. 2 Awful Texting Mistakes That Cause Unnecessary... - August 20, 2015

    […] I saw two texting mishaps occur this week, each worthy of sharing.  […]

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