Julie Ferman of Julie Ferman Associates on Ask the CyberDating Expert Radio Show

Lot’s of  wonderful tips about online dating and coaching.  Should she text?  What’s the follow up protocol?  How to express sincere appreciation!  How to treat dates.  How does a girl let a guy know she’s super interested?  What sends the wrong messages and signals and how to avoid them.  Rules on texting.  Who pays?  How to cover your critical criteria  to make your search so much easier.  So many questions answered.

“How to Do Dating Right”

Julie Ferman about Julie Ferman Associates, benefits of Personal Matchmaking, challenges in dating these days, doing dating right and finding that lasting love relationship.

Make that important connection with Santa Fe Matchmaking

Such fun building community and connecting lovely people in both Los Angeles and now New Mexico too, our second home and … happy place. Thank you, KRQE, Brad Brummett, Alexis Romero, Flavia Costa, Tom Garrity, and Renee Gurule (The Garrity Group) for your part in Transforming Me to We in New Mexico.Read More

Julie Ferman, as seen on CBS “This Is LA”

What Really Matters? A successful journey through dating, into the relationship of your future starts with a strong foundation — a deep seated knowing of what truly matters to you. Join sisters Julie Hardesty Ferman and Elizabeth Hardesty O’Keefe in a courageous, bold inquiry into what lasting love truly is, what it looks like in reality and how to develop your capacity for big love.

Richard Eeds interview “Finding the Right Match in Santa Fe with Julie Ferman of Santa Fe Matchmaking”








“Never Burn Your Bridges”

Ghosting is never a good idea!

“Today’s Dating Tip For Women”

The sad truth about attraction is that we girls, can and often do develop romantic attraction over time…

“The Attraction Conundrum”

“Writing an Online Dating Profile”

“Doing Online Dating Right”

“Shooting Out of My League”

“Should I Lie About My Age?”

“Where have all the gentlemen gone?”

Tired of sloppy behavior from men? Dating has become a lot more casual these days. There are a lot of great men out there who really do want to treat women well. Part of what we can do to help men learn how to treat us well is to let them know what we want…

“What to do when you just feel so tired of dating?”

I get it, I so know what that feels like. What you’ve got to know is that each date you go on is an opportunity for you to have your life enriched. The part I want you to focus on is, each date you go on….

“The purpose of the Dating Consultation”

The dating consultation is a change to really look at what working for you in your dating life, and what’s not. You know, the nature of ‘blind spots is that we can’t see our own…

“Feeling Safe at the End of the Date”

Guys, sometimes us ladies can feel a little vulnerable at the end of a date. There are simple things you can do to help feel secure and impressed with your chivalry. And ladies, there are simple things we can to get the support of our guys at the end of a date.

“Ladies, do you feel that men are often intimidated by your success?”

Many of my female clients are very successful, entrepreneurial women. Some have expressed that they think men are intimidated by their success. While some guys may be, the truth is it’s generally not your success that men find intimidating… it’s more likely how you feel and behave around your success that turns them off.

“Am I too busy to date?”

Look at your calendar right now… If someone wanted to date you, go on a date with you, would there be any openings on your calendar? There’s a mistake that’s commonly made when guys ask women out on a date…

So, your’e a beautiful woman… How’s the dating going?

“Men can be intimidated by beautiful women. The more attractive you are, the more you have a duty to signal the men who are interested to let them know if they might have a shot with you…
“Men won’t play unless they think they have a chance at winning”

Do Guys have to be the “Bad Boy” to get the girl?

A question from a guy who thinks he may not have any “game” or have the “Hot Factor” that seems to attract women. Can he still find a loving partner?

Why is it that some guys have “IT”, and some guys don’t?

Julie explains what the “IT” factor really is all about, for men and women. How we all can get “IT”, and what is “IT” that we really find attractive about others.

How much to reveal on online dating profiles or at singles mixers? That & more in conversation with Marni Battista

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An Empowered Woman – Desiree with Julie Ferman, Founder of Julie Ferman Associates

With 22 years in the matchmaking industry and chief relationship expert with Julie Ferman Associates, Julie Ferman shares what men are telling us is NOT sexy, Dating Tips / Strategies, Common pitfalls and other dating advice!

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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age – Five Tips to Guarantee No Success in 2013 or Go That Extra Mile

Host Roy Richards summarizes all we’re learned about resolutions thus far and boils it all down to three common-sense conclusions. Guest Julie Ferman describes her Julie Ferman Associates Matchmaking Service with its unique dating by age classifications: “Over 40″, “Over 50″ and “Over 60.”
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Is There a Real Cupid? Julie Ferman & Julie Renee Doering

Julie Renee Doering chats with relationships expert Julie Ferman of Julie Ferman Associates on love, finding the one, overcoming relationship problems and getting your dating life in balance.

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Julie Ferman’s “Romance Marketing Plan”

Romance and Marketing?  Really?  The answer is yes, absolutely, and Julie will teach you how to create that plan based on the essentials of what you’re looking for.  Click on the video and begin your journey with Julie Ferman Associates and make sure you register to get your “Romance Marketing Plan” and free audio download.


Even Cupid get’s confused, that’s why we’re here. Ask away!

Q: Julie, you’re the expert coach and I’m so miffed. How can I be authentic in my profile? Aren’t we all supposed to play the game? Shouldn’t I make myself sound better? What would you do Julie? Signed: Unauthentic gal.
A: Dear Unauthentic Gal: Here is what I have to say about your question.

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