Tampa Bay dating scene heats up with new options for meeting someone special

Online dating and its challenges

Julie Ferman, a renowned Los Angeles matchmaker who is responsible for more than 1,100 marriages and has been featured by Dr. Phil, The Today Show and The New York Times, says the world of online dating can be helpful to finding love, but it has also contributed to the notion of finding a “perfect” mate.

Online dating and its challenges“The biggest challenge I see with today’s single men and women is wrestling with the reality that ‘the ideal partner’ is a fictitious notion, lodged in the mind, and that it’s a mistake to pass on, overlook, veto or dismiss real, live available people, especially those who are expressing interest, for silly, secondary reasons such as height, hair or age,” she says. “Apps like Tinder and Hinge are fun, but they’re contributing to the problem, in that folks are closing each other out after just a one-second impression, based primarily on one photo.”

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