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Julie’s Mitzvah Matches & The Cupid’s Coach Code

What’s a mitzvah? Hubby, Gil is Jewish, and my DNA test revealed that I’m 11% European Jew. Who knew? Since launching my company in LA in 2002, in addition to the introductions I’ve been providing for my under-contract matchmaking clients, in honor of my OMG amazing mother in law (Feisty Frieda Ferman, my company’s mascot) […]

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couple in love

What is it to be “in love”?

One of my clients, Maria, just asked me if I think she and her new boyfriend will fall in love – I said, “Well…. That depends.”
One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about working with Maria is that she verbalizes what’s in the “current” of today’s challenges with romance and the search for, the yearning […]

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Legendary Matchmaker

Why Older Men Who Have Never Been Married Are NOT Damaged Goods


Is he a prince or a king?

If I had a $20 bill for every time a matchmaking client (male or female) hesitated to meet someone because the person hadn’t been married before, well … I’d be a wealthy woman indeed.
The issue most often comes from women, worried about falling in love with a guy who chose the single life […]

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To love is a choice we make, to be in love is a decision we make

We fall in love with each other the first time around. It’s almost like “it” happens to us. Remember that butterfly feeling in the stomach? That only happens with brand new love. After the honeymoon phase passes, whether love exists for two people, is all about choice. Are you choosing to engage your heart? When […]

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Why Are Picky People Unlucky in Love?

Are You One Of Those PICKY People?
Look up the word “picky” in the dictionary, and my guess is that you wouldn’t want to be described this way: Niggling, persnickety, fussy, finicky, particular, anal, demanding, snobby… the list of yucky adjectives goes on and on.
Bottom line, to be picky is to look for what’s WRONG, rather […]

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Sick Of Being Single? 5 Fun Ways To Snag A Man WITHOUT Going Online

It’s time to get out there!

Hate the single life but hate online dating even more? That doesn’t mean you just give up on finding love.
Take a look at your social calendar from the past month. How proactive have you been lately? How many dates have you gone on?
If being in a loving relationship within the […]

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