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Silly Women Dating

Smart Women and Silly Women. Which Are You?

1196 – The number of women who have made it into our Success Story Arena, either married or coupled up for a year or longer.  These are some very smart women, who were determined to and who learned how to do dating well and who succeeded in their quest to land in a loving partnership.
Over […]

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Los Angeles Matchmaking

Is He Interested? He Might Be, If You Gave Him a Clue…

Allen and Christine met for a first date last night. I love everything about this match – they meet each other’s Top Five Critical Criteria, they both gave me the big Thumbs Up after studying the profile and photos, and they were both super excited to meet. And yet today’s post-date feedback from both […]

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Julie Ferman’s Matchmaking Community

Julie Ferman’s Matchmaking Community – A Culture of Kindness

Here in this particular matchmaking community we have developed a certain style of dating, a way of living life as single people who are engaging and interacting with each other.
Each person here in our personal matchmaking community shares one common value – LOVE, and we practice the art of loving throughout our dating journey.
We recognize […]

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How Fearless Matchmakers Find Great Men For You

To be a matchmaker means to be fearless.

This personal matchmaker is NOT afraid of women.
I actually LOVE coaching and providing personal introductions for my female Clients. I can work effectively with women, even those who are beautiful, successful and super selective, because I have been collecting men here in Los Angeles since 2001.
I know a […]

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Introducing Dr. Tracey, Dating Coach and Image Consultant

Lovely news for you all.  We’ve added a new dating coach and image consultant to our team. Dr. Tracey – she’s a licensed psychologist who recently relocated to Southern CA from Colorado.  Tracey’s a delight, thoroughly engaging and delightful to talk with, a great listener who’s got a really good handle on today’s complex dating […]

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Where Do We Find Matches for our Clients?

Not a day goes by in this matchmaker’s life when I’m not asked this question.
It’s been SUCH a joy for me to build this personal matchmaking community, one person at a time.  Today I reached out by phone to schedule a consultation with a great new guy in my world, an attorney who’s divorced and […]

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