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Julie Ferman Legendary Matchmaker

Dating and Sobriety

Let’s wrestle with a tough dating dilemma – How to best date if you are practicing sobriety. You’ve made a conscious choice to give up drinking and/or drugs, and so if dating weren’t challenging enough, now you have the extra questions in your mind about how to date as a sober person, when to date […]

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Legendary Matchmaker

Why Older Men Who Have Never Been Married Are NOT Damaged Goods


Is he a prince or a king?

If I had a $20 bill for every time a matchmaking client (male or female) hesitated to meet someone because the person hadn’t been married before, well … I’d be a wealthy woman indeed.
The issue most often comes from women, worried about falling in love with a guy who chose the single life […]

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First Dates, Julie Ferman Style, for Female Clients

I can’t manage or control how first dates happen out there in the world, when two people meet up through friends, an online site or a coffee shop flirtation, but here in our personal matchmaking community, first dates are orchestrated with great care, thought, attention and love and we do insist that things be done… […]

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Julie Ferman

Matchmaking, Julie Ferman Style

In the 25 years I’ve been bringing couples together, I’ve done matchmaking a dozen different ways, and I’m just thrilled with the service model I’ve developed and am working with today. While I can’t control what single love seekers do out there in the world, if they’re meeting online or at bars, here in my […]

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Rethinking Marriage

Rethinking Marriage – Should “Getting Down the Aisle” Be Your Goal?

Fascinating statistics released, showing us that fewer couples are getting married and staying married. What does this mean for you?
As a professional matchmaker, I’ve been privately “inventorying” love-seeking men and women since 2001, with over 27,000 single men and women having registered with me. One of the biggest distinctions between men and women that I’ve discovered through […]

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Matchmaker Client Meeting

How To Be A Great Matchmaking Client For Your Matchmaker

So, you hired a matchmaker. Your work is done, the ball’s in the matchmaker’s court, and you can just sit back and relax and watch the miracles unfold. Or may be NOT.
Here is what to do to maximize your investment and to set yourself up for success with your matchmaking process –
Be Communicative. Working with a matchmaker […]

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