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To love is a choice we make, to be in love is a decision we make

We fall in love with each other the first time around. It’s almost like “it” happens to us. Remember that butterfly feeling in the stomach? That only happens with brand new love. After the honeymoon phase passes, whether love exists for two people, is all about choice. Are you choosing to engage your heart? When […]

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Why ‘Love At First Sight’ Is A Foolish Way To Find ‘The One’

Why “slow love” is so much sexier than “swiping right.”

Have you ever wondered if you’ve possibly missed opportunities to date someone REALLY great simply because they didn’t dramatically strike your fancy at first glance?
I’m here to tell you … you’ve probably missed out on some wonderful  potential partners. And likely, plenty of great people also overlooked  you!
I recently read […]

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love amongst us

The Love Amongst Us – Holiday Poem

The Love Amongst Us
Within us, through us,
Around and between us
Is ever so much stronger
Than the forces attempting
To cloud or obstruct.
Heartache and break
Angst, tears and wounds
We do endure.
The pain, it serves
To glue and bind us
To those who stay
To those who pray beside us
For that ray of light
To pierce the darkness
To open the door
To new scenes
And rich […]

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Matchmaker’s Dating Dilemma: Blackberries/iphones…oh my….

Are our “communication devices” helping single love seekers connect? Or are they getting in our way?
Well….the answer is….Both. Tips here from Julie Ferman, Cupid’s Coach on how to use ’em or lose ’em in dating.

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Creative Date Ideas: Matchmaker Reveals

This morning’s post-date feedback from our personal matchmaking clients is revealing some fun first date and second date ideas. Some of our matchmaking clients are really being creative, thinking outside the coffee shop for their dating adventures. Here’s what some of our matchmaking Clients have been up to.
Katherine and Josh are both devoted, enthusiastic dog […]

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Dating Disappointments: Putting the Spin on Mishaps

What do you do, or maybe a better question is what should you do when you experience a Dating Disappointment? When things go….just…badly?

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