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Fussy For Love

Are You Too Fussy For Love?

You’re female. You’re single, you’d much rather be in love, and you’re dating, looking for that just-right fit. You find yourself disappointed… and often. The real live candidates available to you don’t measure up to the image in your mind of the person you think is “right” for you. You’re hoping for filet and life’s […]

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Where Do We Find Matches for our Clients?

Not a day goes by in this matchmaker’s life when I’m not asked this question.
It’s been SUCH a joy for me to build this personal matchmaking community, one person at a time.  Today I reached out by phone to schedule a consultation with a great new guy in my world, an attorney who’s divorced and […]

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old couple dating

Men Are Dating Women of Their Age – A Real Shocker in Dating Trend!

Being in the personal matchmaking profession, I have observed how painful it can be for beautiful, talented, magnificent single women who are in their fifties, and who often miss out on the opportunity to date their equally remarkable gentlemen contemporaries, because so many men are stuck on the notion that they should be dating younger […]

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