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How Fearless Matchmakers Find Great Men For You

To be a matchmaker means to be fearless.

This personal matchmaker is NOT afraid of women.
I actually LOVE coaching and providing personal introductions for my female Clients. I can work effectively with women, even those who are beautiful, successful and super selective, because I have been collecting men here in Los Angeles since 2001.
I know a […]

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Why ‘Love At First Sight’ Is A Foolish Way To Find ‘The One’

Why “slow love” is so much sexier than “swiping right.”

Have you ever wondered if you’ve possibly missed opportunities to date someone REALLY great simply because they didn’t dramatically strike your fancy at first glance?
I’m here to tell you … you’ve probably missed out on some wonderful  potential partners. And likely, plenty of great people also overlooked  you!
I recently read […]

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You Can Make A Miracle in Matchmaking: Here’s How

A Matchmaking Miracle Happened Today.

A major triumph occurred today.
Human Spirit won the wrestling match with Fantasy and Instinct.
Here’s what happened. Pay attention, as you and I have this wrestling match every day and there’s a lesson in this story for us all.
Are you paying attention? Oh good!
Here’s the scoop:
My matchmaking client, beautiful, amazing, scrumptious Sarah […]

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All’s Not Fair In Love & Dating & What To Do About It

There’s Nothing FAIR About Dating.
It’s a survival of the fittest scenario, for sure. And who’s the fittest? Which women are likely to not only survive, but to thrive through the rapid waters that dating is today? Who’s surviving are the women who have IT. 
And who’s the fittest?
Which women are likely to not only survive, but […]

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The Happy (And Harsh) TRUTH About Dating Younger Men

Finding love at any age is possible, as long as you keep this in mind…

As women age, it’s natural and increasingly “normal” for us to find interest in dating men who are, both, our contemporaries and younger than ourselves.
Why? Because women outlive men by an average of seven years, not to mention, we stay healthy and vital longer than […]

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Legendary Matchmaker

Julie Ferman: A Matchmaker’s ‘Meaning of Life’

What is the meaning of life? It’s possible that life has no meaning other than what we bring to it. Life simply is.  We may never know for sure how or why life originated,  but I believe that the meaning that we bring to life is through the love that we create and share during […]

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