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How Love Won in 2018. Your Matchmaker’s Musings.

At the end of each year, I love to study the new Success Story Couples – the couples that I saw connect, fall in love and commit to each other – to see what trends are developing, and to learn from these successes.  Here are four couples who jumped over hurdles to be together.
Age, Height, […]

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Dating and The Doggie Dilemma

I caught myself pouting this morning when my plans for a new couple I’d introduced were derailed by a pooch. Yes, a dog. And it’s totally not the dog’s fault. I love dogs. I have a dog (Biscuit… The Goofball, featured here) and can’t imagine life without a canine companion.
But as a professional matchmaker, I’m […]

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Los Angeles Matchmaking

Is He Interested? He Might Be, If You Gave Him a Clue…

Allen and Christine met for a first date last night. I love everything about this match – they meet each other’s Top Five Critical Criteria, they both gave me the big Thumbs Up after studying the profile and photos, and they were both super excited to meet. And yet today’s post-date feedback from both […]

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Being Interested Is Sexy… How Are You Coming Across On Dates?

What adjectives would be used to describe the way YOU appeared to be on your last date?
How about on your last five dates? Take a quick moment to visit your calendar and write down the names of the last five people who had the opportunity to meet you for a first date.
Now… write down five adjectives […]

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how to manage your stuff

A New Couple’s Challenge – How to Manage and Merge Your Stuff

Are you a new couple? What to do with that wagon wheel coffee table?
Many a new couple has faced this age old dilemma, and I’m guessing most of you remember the classic Wagon Wheel Coffee Table scene from “When Harry Met Sally”.
Hubby, Gil and I have been married since 1990, and still today we are […]

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dating wrong guy

When the Guy Who’s Into You Seems Not Quite Right

There’s a great single guy who’s into you, knocking on your door for a second, third, maybe fourth date.
He seems pretty good on paper, he meets lots of your key criteria, but there’s something missing… Here’s what this Los Angeles Matchmaker says to do.
You’ve been there. Maybe you’re in this situation right now, where there’s […]

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