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Dating and The Doggie Dilemma

I caught myself pouting this morning when my plans for a new couple I’d introduced were derailed by a pooch. Yes, a dog. And it’s totally not the dog’s fault. I love dogs. I have a dog (Biscuit… The Goofball, featured here) and can’t imagine life without a canine companion.
But as a professional matchmaker, I’m […]

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Valentine Prescription

Your Matchmaker’s Valentine Prescription

It’s February – for folks who are single and who would much rather be in love, it’s a tough month to endure, as in your face everywhere are hearts and Valentines, all that gushy stuff – And I know… your eyes are rolling. Here’s my prescription for you, for how to not just survive this […]

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It’s a New Year – Check Your Picker

Are you using the same tired old picker that you’ve been using for years? The picker that hasn’t worked for you for ages, even for decades, in choosing a romantic partner?
You know the picker I’m talking about – it’s that internal, mostly subconscious screening device you’re using to select the “right” candidates and veto the […]

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Matchmakers on the Challenges Men Have in the Dating Scene Today

Julie Ferman – Julie Ferman Associates, Los Angeles, USA

Today’s modern day woman is very confusing to men. She wants to be with a man who’s bigger and stronger than she is, secure, masculine, a take-charge person. But she has a hard time letting him, because she’s been taught that she should be independent. She may […]

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Legendary Matchmaker

Go On A Date Think Like A Matchmaker

Here’s how to know if the person you’re dating (or thinking about dating) is really a good match for you for a potential long-term relationship. Whip out pen and paper and make your list. You know… your list. The qualities, characteristics and attributes that you hope to find all rolled up into one nice, beautiful […]

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