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What To Do When He Disappears and Comes Back

If he intrigues you and if he appears to meet your top 3 criteria, it may be worth giving him a second chance
Yes, if a guy comes back for a second chance, if he intrigues you and if he appears to meet your Top Three Critical Criteria, yes indeed… set a date with him and […]

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Are You Happier Flying Solo?

What’s Better, Having an Imperfect Partner or Flying Solo?  
As single men and women in our complex dating culture, as we get older we become more selective.
That’s natural, as with each passing year we know ourselves better – what we want, what we don’t want, what’s likely to work for us and what’s not.
With each […]

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A Matchmaker’s Guide to Dating In 2015

Dating is evolving, rapidly. Here’s what to do to maximize your chances of finding a beautiful partnership in this bright new year.
1. Know who you are
– Make a list of all of your attributes, qualities and characteristics
2. Get GREAT new photos of the adorable you
– you cannot expect second dates if you don’t look like […]

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attracting women

How to Attract Women? It’s Simpler Than We Might Think…

Attraction Killers and Attraction Enablers — 21 of today’s leading female dating experts have shared their secrets.  Dive in, learn, enjoy, discover how much easier it is that we may have thought!
See what myself and 20 other experts had to say: Check out our shared secrets here.
Featured image source: girlclever.com

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First Dates – Coffee? Drinks? Dinner? What Should She Expect?

Marissa is a wee bit bent out of shape this morning, because the guy she’s meeting this weekend suggested that they meet over drinks at a cafe.  She would have preferred meeting over a lovely lunch or a dinner at The Four Seasons.  She’s asking me if the guy is “broke” or “cheap” — oh […]

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Is Your Mobile Device Killing Your Flirt?

What’s today’s biggest barrier to flirting? Oddly enough, it’s that “communication device” in your hand.
Our cell phones are killing our flirting opportunities. Single love seekers who flirt well have a distinct advantage, as they get to meet, engage and connect with lots more people, dramatically increasing their chances of finding a keeper…Don’t Let Your […]

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