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Feet fire

A Matchmaker’s Plea for Date Number Three

Should she have a second date with that guy? How about a third date? How can she know if she’s wasting her time on another go-nowhere dead end?
Today’s post-date feedback from my matchmaking client, Jocelyn? It was a so-so, rather lukewarm report on her end. I got the sense that she was looking to be […]

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Being Interested Is Sexy… How Are You Coming Across On Dates?

What adjectives would be used to describe the way YOU appeared to be on your last date?
How about on your last five dates? Take a quick moment to visit your calendar and write down the names of the last five people who had the opportunity to meet you for a first date.
Now… write down five adjectives […]

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First Dates, Julie Ferman Style, for Female Clients

I can’t manage or control how first dates happen out there in the world, when two people meet up through friends, an online site or a coffee shop flirtation, but here in our personal matchmaking community, first dates are orchestrated with great care, thought, attention and love and we do insist that things be done… […]

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