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Valentine's Day Dating

Putting the Spin on Valentine’s Day

OK, I’ll admit it. I pretty much hate Valentine’s Day.
It’s really just a silly Hallmark Holiday. Girls love it, Guys hate it – Men tell me that they mostly just hope to survive the ordeal, as they’re set up to fail, trying to guess what she might want, hope for, fantasize about happening on this […]

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2 Awful Texting Mistakes That Cause Unnecessary Relationship Drama

Oops! Now that’s embarrassing!
I saw two texting mishaps occur this week, each worthy of sharing. (We can all stand to learn from each other’s mistakes, right?)
1. Trash talking via text
The very horrible thing I did …
I sent a sensitive text message to my sister, about a delicate situation with another family member, but I mistakenly sent the […]

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The Attraction Conundrum

The trickiest thing about dating in today’s wild world is this whole business of attraction. Are you falling into the quicksand? Is the way you’ve got the whole attraction thing wired working for you? Take a closer look with me as we dissect The Attraction Conundrum with Goaly.
Read the blog for further information:

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Why ‘Love At First Sight’ Is A Foolish Way To Find ‘The One’

Why “slow love” is so much sexier than “swiping right.”

Have you ever wondered if you’ve possibly missed opportunities to date someone REALLY great simply because they didn’t dramatically strike your fancy at first glance?
I’m here to tell you … you’ve probably missed out on some wonderful  potential partners. And likely, plenty of great people also overlooked  you!
I recently read […]

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Sick Of Being Single? 5 Fun Ways To Snag A Man WITHOUT Going Online

It’s time to get out there!

Hate the single life but hate online dating even more? That doesn’t mean you just give up on finding love.
Take a look at your social calendar from the past month. How proactive have you been lately? How many dates have you gone on?
If being in a loving relationship within the […]

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Are You Wondering Why You’re Striking Out In Dating?

What is up with today’s dating scene?
The ones you’re going for aren’t going for you, and the ones who are hot for you are leaving you cold. Sound familiar? Here’s why, and what to do about it.
We live in an order-it-up society. We’re used to being about to get what we want, the way we […]

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