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dating in holidays

5 Dating Tips To Attract New Love And Have The Best Holiday Ever

It’s the perfect time of year to warm up to someone new in your life.
The holidays are a great time for dating. Our hearts are vulnerable and those twangs of nostalgia tug at each of us, reminding us of our innate need to connect with our fellow man.
Here’s how to take advantage of the sappy […]

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dating wrong guy

When the Guy Who’s Into You Seems Not Quite Right

There’s a great single guy who’s into you, knocking on your door for a second, third, maybe fourth date.
He seems pretty good on paper, he meets lots of your key criteria, but there’s something missing… Here’s what this Los Angeles Matchmaker says to do.
You’ve been there. Maybe you’re in this situation right now, where there’s […]

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women dating problems

Is Dating Bumming You Out? Here’s a Spirit Lifter

Dating is full of little hiccups and disappointments. Not unlike other types of searches — the search for the right job, a new home or car. But the search for love is more personal, and while it’s a good idea not to take the misses or the rejection personally, sometimes the disappointments can and do […]

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attracting women

How to Attract Women? It’s Simpler Than We Might Think…

Attraction Killers and Attraction Enablers — 21 of today’s leading female dating experts have shared their secrets.  Dive in, learn, enjoy, discover how much easier it is that we may have thought!
See what myself and 20 other experts had to say: Check out our shared secrets here.
Featured image source: girlclever.com

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Is it OK for me to TEXT him after a first date?

My oh my, lots of varying advice on this topic. Here’s an example of when our female client, Linda DID text her date, Rob afterward and here’s what happened…
We had received a very positive post date evaluation from Rob about Linda — he found her to be really warm and engaging, friendly, attractive, bright and […]

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Matchmaker’s Dating Dilemma: Blackberries/iphones…oh my….

Are our “communication devices” helping single love seekers connect? Or are they getting in our way?
Well….the answer is….Both. Tips here from Julie Ferman, Cupid’s Coach on how to use ’em or lose ’em in dating.

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