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It’s a New Year – Check Your Picker

Are you using the same tired old picker that you’ve been using for years? The picker that hasn’t worked for you for ages, even for decades, in choosing a romantic partner?
You know the picker I’m talking about – it’s that internal, mostly subconscious screening device you’re using to select the “right” candidates and veto the […]

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Is He Interested? He Might Be, If You Gave Him a Clue…

Allen and Christine met for a first date last night. I love everything about this match – they meet each other’s Top Five Critical Criteria, they both gave me the big Thumbs Up after studying the profile and photos, and they were both super excited to meet. And yet today’s post-date feedback from both […]

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What To Do When He Disappears and Comes Back

If he intrigues you and if he appears to meet your top 3 criteria, it may be worth giving him a second chance
Yes, if a guy comes back for a second chance, if he intrigues you and if he appears to meet your Top Three Critical Criteria, yes indeed… set a date with him and […]

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Are You Giving Off the “I’m Too Busy” Vibe?

Are you blowing your chances with dating prospects by giving off the impression that you don’t have time or room in your life for a partner?

If so, then uh oh… and here’s how to fix that…
If you’re a relationship oriented person, truly happiest in your life when you have someone to share your love with, then chances are you’re a […]

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10 Best Dating Tips From Top 10 Matchmakers

Top matchmakers say that much of the time, their single members are their own worst enemies in dating. Sometimes, it takes a trusted matchmaker to give a couple of dating tips to send them on their way to success.
Checkout the list of top 10 Dating Tips from top 10 Matchmakers:
“The person you are meant to […]

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A Matchmaker’s Guide to Dating In 2015

Dating is evolving, rapidly. Here’s what to do to maximize your chances of finding a beautiful partnership in this bright new year.
1. Know who you are
– Make a list of all of your attributes, qualities and characteristics
2. Get GREAT new photos of the adorable you
– you cannot expect second dates if you don’t look like […]

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