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Dating Criteria

Should Spiritual or Religious Be One of Your Dating Criteria?

Should you veto someone as a potential candidate for relationship because of religion or spirituality? This topic is worth digging into, as you may well be missing out on some stellar opportunities.
Take out your list. You know, THAT list, of all of the qualities and characteristics that really matter to you. And highlight your Top […]

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5 Horrible Dating Behaviors That Make Men Want To RUN

You want that second date if you have chemistry, right? Don’t mess it up with sh*tty behavior.

If I asked you the top things to never do on a first date, you’d probably guess at least a few of the big no-no’s. 
So, if this is common knowledge, why do so many of my dating coaching and matchmaking clients keep telling me […]

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Think Like A Matchmaker on A Date – Valentine’s Day Special

Today more than ever it is so easy to meet people from all around the world without leaving your doorstep. When online dating became available there was hope that finding love would be a brief and brisk affair. Unfortunately the opposite occurred. Finding and recognizing true love has turned out to be a much more […]

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Secret Weapon Guaranteed To Make You A Dating Success

Are you mean to the men you date? If so, well, don’t expect results any time soon … or EVER.
I believe that how we do one thing is how we do most things. If you do this one thing I’m about to tell you about … and do it all day long, every day of […]

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widows widowers

Matchmaker’s Advice for Widows & Widowers

You’re widowed and you’re dating again.  Good for you!  Congratulations on having the courage to get “out there” again.
As a personal matchmaker since 1990, I’ve worked with thousands of single widows and single widowers and it’s an honor and a joy for me to serve this particular niche in our Los Angeles Matchmaking community.
And I […]

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