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Legendary Matchmaker

How To Save Your Friendship When You Have A Crush On Your Bestie

You’ve fallen for your best friend and don’t know what to do.
We are talking about the type of platonic friend who is your wingman or wingwoman and knows everything about you.
You don’t want to ruin your friendship by expressing your feelings and having him or her feel awkward afterward.
But if you do express these feelings […]

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Oops! I Talked About My Ex On a First Date

There are certain things that we all know we shouldn’t be doing on a first date. And yet single love seekers continue to fall into these dating traps. It happens…
What to do when you mess up, or when your date does, by talking about an ex love while on a date.
This morning’s post-date feedback updates revealed to […]

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Matchmaking – Not for Everyone

Should you hire a matchmaker? Here’s how to know if you are a good candidate for this type of love search process.
I’m aware of 1164 couples who have found their way down the aisle together as a direct result of having signed on with me for personal matchmaking services. That’s 2328 people for whom matchmaking […]

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Real Men Date Their Contemporaries

A really good man, in this personal matchmaker’s esteem, is a man who has his act together emotionally and financially, who’s honorable, with good values and morals, and who’s a relationship-oriented, kind and compassionate person.
And yet here’s a sensitive, somewhat controversial question. How compassionate is a man being when he’s in his fifties or sixties […]

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Matchmaker Client Meeting

How To Be A Great Matchmaking Client For Your Matchmaker

So, you hired a matchmaker. Your work is done, the ball’s in the matchmaker’s court, and you can just sit back and relax and watch the miracles unfold. Or may be NOT.
Here is what to do to maximize your investment and to set yourself up for success with your matchmaking process –
Be Communicative. Working with a matchmaker […]

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dating offline

Dating Without Using Online Dating Services

Single and wish you weren’t? Take a look at your social calendar from the past month. How proactive have you been lately? How many dates have you gone on?
If your personal goal is to be in a loving relationship in the next twelve months, then make sure you go on a couple of good, solid […]

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