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Does Height Matter, Really? Your Matchmaker Asks…

My Client, Diana asked me today if each of the 1144 women I’ve married off is partnered with a “taller” man. Here’s my response. If you’ve been wrestling with the Height Issue, or if you’ve been operating in a hard and fast way about it…I’d say…take another look.

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Matchmaker’s Question: Do We Love Our Pets Too Much?

First off, many thanks to all in our world who’ve been checking in and sending love.  We did indeed lose Max The Wonder Dog this week.  He was so special to us.  He was The Fifth Beatle in our family, and our lives have been so enriched through our experience of his loving, spirited, goofy soul.  […]

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Dating, Pets, and Max the Wonder Dog

Are pets complicating your dating life? What’s more important, your relationship with your pet or your love life with other humans?

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Dating Question: Am I Being Too Picky?

As a matchmaker and dating expert, the biggest frustration I have is watching GREAT people overlook other GREAT people for what are in my estimation…rather superficial reasons. Here’s a fun little test that will reveal to you the answer to the question, “Am I being too picky?”

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Are You Being A Downer On Your Dates?

What’s showing up on your dates? Who’s showing up on your dates? What kind of impression are you taking away and what kind of impression are you giving? Are you being Susie Sunshine or Debbie Downer?

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Dating Means Waiting…

Do you hate waiting for a call back or an email response from someone you’re interested in? Does it make you crazy when your new love interest isn’t clearing calendar space for you? Yep, we hear you. Zenish approach here…

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