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Is Your Mobile Device Killing Your Flirt?

What’s today’s biggest barrier to flirting? Oddly enough, it’s that “communication device” in your hand.
Our cell phones are killing our flirting opportunities. Single love seekers who flirt well have a distinct advantage, as they get to meet, engage and connect with lots more people, dramatically increasing their chances of finding a keeper…Don’t Let Your […]

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Should He Ask to Kiss her, or Should He Go For It?

Your Los Angeles Matchmaker’s Dating Question of the Day: When a guy’s on a date with a girl he likes, should he ask if it’s OK to go in for the first kiss, or should he just go for it?
On the Big Screen, the first kiss is always magical, dreamy, perfect, natural and explosive. I’m […]

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How To Approach A Woman – Julie Ferman’s Latest Article on DatingAdvice.com

You’re thinking, “Man, she’s cute. Is she looking at me?” And she’s over there thinking, “I want to meet that guy. How can I? Should I walk up to him? I know I shouldn’t, but I hear it’s OK to signal him with a look and a smile. Why isn’t he… (read more)

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