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Online dating and its challenges

Tampa Bay dating scene heats up with new options for meeting someone special

Online dating and its challenges
Julie Ferman, a renowned Los Angeles matchmaker who is responsible for more than 1,100 marriages and has been featured by Dr. Phil, The Today Show and The New York Times, says the world of online dating can be helpful to finding love, but it has also contributed to the notion of […]

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It’s a New Year – Check Your Picker

Are you using the same tired old picker that you’ve been using for years? The picker that hasn’t worked for you for ages, even for decades, in choosing a romantic partner?
You know the picker I’m talking about – it’s that internal, mostly subconscious screening device you’re using to select the “right” candidates and veto the […]

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2 Awful Texting Mistakes That Cause Unnecessary Relationship Drama

Oops! Now that’s embarrassing!
I saw two texting mishaps occur this week, each worthy of sharing. (We can all stand to learn from each other’s mistakes, right?)
1. Trash talking via text
The very horrible thing I did …
I sent a sensitive text message to my sister, about a delicate situation with another family member, but I mistakenly sent the […]

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Why ‘Love At First Sight’ Is A Foolish Way To Find ‘The One’

Why “slow love” is so much sexier than “swiping right.”

Have you ever wondered if you’ve possibly missed opportunities to date someone REALLY great simply because they didn’t dramatically strike your fancy at first glance?
I’m here to tell you … you’ve probably missed out on some wonderful  potential partners. And likely, plenty of great people also overlooked  you!
I recently read […]

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Are Your Expectations Sabotaging Your Love Life?

When are we disappointed in life? Think about it – We’re disappointed when our expectations don’t line up with the reality that life just dished up for us.
Would you like for your dating journey to become more fun and more fruitful?
OK then, let’s manage those expectations.
Would you absolutely love it if your next first date […]

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All’s Not Fair In Love & Dating & What To Do About It

There’s Nothing FAIR About Dating.
It’s a survival of the fittest scenario, for sure. And who’s the fittest? Which women are likely to not only survive, but to thrive through the rapid waters that dating is today? Who’s surviving are the women who have IT.
And who’s the fittest?
Which women are likely to not only survive, but […]

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