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Julie Ferman: Redflags in Dating & Relationships

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The Attraction Conundrum

Are You Searching For That “It” Factor? Look No Further. [VIDEO]

Let’s Be Honest. Should Marriage Really Be Your End Goal? [VIDEO]

BEWARE Lying About This Will Ruin Your Online Dating Life [VIDEO]

If I’m Such A Great Catch, Why The H*ll Am I Single?

Where Have All The Gentlemen Gone?

Are Men Too Intimidated To Date Successful Women?

Do Women Only Date Bad Boys?

Online Dating: What You’re Doing Wrong

I’m 40 And Want Kids. Should I Wait For A Man Or Go To A Sperm Bank?

5 Surefire Ways To Snag The Perfect Guy Offline

Are you single and wondering what you are doing wrong? Listen to this show and learn the top fatal dating mistakes women and men make.

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Soulmate Mania Summit: Julie Ferman Interview.

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The “Master of Matchmaking” Julie Ferman tells why now is the best time to be single.

Joanne and Sabrina learn from matchmaker Julie Ferman about the good, the bad, and the many possibilities that matchmaking today holds for all amazing singles.


Julie Ferman Associates Offers Free Relationship Expert Video Series – Founder and President Julie Ferman Interviews Dating Coach Marni Battista

NBC’s DATING SHOW: “The Match Off”

Julie had a wonderful time during the taping of the show and said, “NBC’s new dating show, “The Match Off” is really well produced, incorporating the varied and divergent perspectives of 12 professional matchmakers from across the U.S. The show is enlightening and entertaining, revealing the behind the scenes view of a matchmaker’s search process for a client.”

“‘The Match Off’ is the perfect series for local audiences – nothing is more local than finding a partner,” said Morgan Hertzan, Senior Vice President and General Manager, LX.TV. The six-episode summer series, hosted by Maria Sansone, features matchmakers and clients from New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. v Here in L.A., that means Sherry and Eva Singer, Luis Santiago and Kim Lockhart, Julie Ferman and Dianne Bennett. The matchmakers “go head to head to help their singles find love.”

Tune in, so much more to come and don’t forget to catch up on Julie’s blogs on dating.

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