Personal Matchmaking and Dating Coaching Services With Julie Ferman, Cupid’s Coach

How can you KNOW if Personal Matchmaking or Coaching with Julie Ferman (or ANY matchmaker) is a smart investment?

Simple. Take your first bite – Schedule a $295 Zoom Consultation with Julie Ferman. This in-depth, personal consultation with Julie Ferman is the best value in the dating industry today. One hour of your time, two hours of Julie’s time. Prior to your consultation, Julie will run a database search for you (she’s personally registered over 36,000 people) with your search criteria and together, the two of you will take a peek behind the matchmaker’s curtain to identify potential candidates AND to check your picker… She’ll shoot you straight scoop as to whether the type of person you’re looking to meet is likely to        “go for” you too … or uh oh, maybe not. After your consultation, Julie will email you with specific suggestions as to your best action steps to achieve your goals for this important area of your life.

Doing this personal consultation with Julie bumps you up higher in her Search Returns, so you’re much more likely to be referred to current and future matchmaking clients, and you’ll be a Candidate for her Mitzvah Matches – the complimentary introductions that she does from her desk every day.

NOTE: Julie can’t promise referrals or introductions to her coaching and consultation clients,

and she loves to make them, every chance she can.

Your next step? Schedule your $295 personal consultation with Julie Ferman BY CLICKING HERE

Personal Matchmaking Services

$10,000 Local to Los Angeles or Santa Fe, NM.  Your search is relatively manageable to orchestrate.  Meaning: You’re seeking a Natural Match – The type of people you’re looking to meet are also, naturally “targeting” you.

$15,000 – $25,000 Plus. Your search is more challenging to orchestrate. Meaning:  The type of person you’re looking to meet is not necessarily “targeting” you. You may be overlooked based on age, height, location, appearance, etc.

Schedule $295 Zoom Consultation with Julie Ferman HERE

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