Your Matchmaker Is Asking: How’s Your Love Life?

What are your goals for your love life this year? Is finding relationship a priority for you? Let’s take a look at how we can help get you there.

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Dating. Managing and Embracing Uncertainty

Do you hate waiting for return calls? Do you hate the NOT KNOWING element of dating? Is this person a game-player? Not really serious about finding relationship? Not into ME? What gives? Here’s how to manage and embrace the uncertainty that dating is.

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Dating Question: Am I Being Too Picky?

As a matchmaker and dating expert, the biggest frustration I have is watching GREAT people overlook other GREAT people for what are in my estimation…rather superficial reasons. Here’s a fun little test that will reveal to you the answer to the question, “Am I being too picky?”

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Matchmaker Reveals: Magical First Dates

How fabulous are your first dates? Maybe not so much? Well, YOU have been on each one of them… Here are some examples of first dates that were anything but ordinary.

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Are You Being A Downer On Your Dates?

What’s showing up on your dates? Who’s showing up on your dates? What kind of impression are you taking away and what kind of impression are you giving? Are you being Susie Sunshine or Debbie Downer?

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How to Glide and Thrive Through the Holidays

Holidays are pretty much always bitter-sweet. If you’re feeling a little lonely or sad, here’s how to spin the bitter into sweet.

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