Online Dating Profile Writing: How Much Should a Professional Woman Reveal?

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Julie Ferman, Dating Coach & Matchmaker

To attract the most fitting, viable candidates for the possibility of relationship, your dating profile should reveal only what’s TRUE. No fibbing…

Which means you should reveal who you are professionally, making clear the nature of the work you do every day. However, keep in mind that with a dating profile, you’re not interviewing for a professional position, rather…a personal one…

Especially if you’re a successful, accomplished woman who wants to be with a man who is in a strong position financially and professionally — it’s really important to take into consideration that he doesn’t “need” his female partner to be a competitive powerhouse type — in fact many of these Alpha Men will make a point to avoid dating Alpha Females completely, as they really just want to find someone who’s complimentary, who fits nicely into his life. He’s looking for a soft place to land at the end of a hard day.

So, yes, if you’re a CEO or an attorney, or a physician say so in your profile, but keep in mind that he might be more enthused about meeting you if you let him know how much you love tennis or skiing, or playing with your niece, or hosting the Fourth of July Barbeque for family — a masculine man is typically attracted to and craves being with a feminine woman, who can provide for him things he can’t or just doesn’t provide for himself.

In writing your online dating profile, highlight the elements of your personality and character that will be complimentary to the type of man you’re looking to attract.

In other words, don’t out-man-your-man in the way you describe yourself in your dating profile, or that man might just…run the other way…

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