How To Be Irresistible To Men

Julie Ferman, Award Winning Matchmaker, reveals the secrets to how to be irresistible to men.

clip_image002Men crave us. They do, really. Study after study has shown that the happiest men are those who are in a loving relationship. How to be irresistible to men, so you can be found by that man who wants a loving partnership?

Smile. The number one thing you simply must know about how to be irresistible to a man is to use your natural smile, glowing from the inside, letting him know that you are a happy, healthy woman who brings fun and sunshine to the party. Check the mirror, study your current photos, suggests Julie Ferman — does this person look happy, fun to be with, loving and open-hearted? Even if you’re having a bad day, the practice of smiling will lift your spirits and the spirits of everyone in your path. Today make it a point to smile 25% more than you normally do, and see how that impacts your interactions with men out there in the world.

Confidence. We’re not talking about the tough, masculine energy we may demonstrate in the board room. A woman who is irresistible to men? She’s the woman who exudes confidence from her core as a feminine woman, says Julie. She likes herself, she’s not needy or clingy, she’s got the inner confidence to be open-hearted, accessible, warm and engaging when in conversation. Men are resistant to women who are closed off, fearful, critical, judgmental. The irresistible woman is the one who has the confidence to be fully present, available and engaged in the present moment. This kind of woman is a bright, shining beacon to a man who has love to share.


Femininity and Grace. Look like a girl and more importantly ACT like a girl. Especially if we want to partner with a big, strong, masculine, take-charge kind of alpha male, we simply must reveal our soft, graceful, flowing feminine energy. How to be irresistible to men? asks Ferman, The more feminine you are the more space there is for him to be The Guy. He wants to be The Guy. The woman who lets him be The Guy will be irresistible to him.

Mysteriously Challenging.  After a first meeting or a great first date, sit tight for a bit. Let him be The Guy. Resist the temptation to shoot off a flirtatious email or text message. Give him the chance to chase you reveals Julie Ferman. To be irresistible, we should always be responsive, flexible, accommodating and receptive, while also keeping hold of the reins, taking things slowly, revealing our cards carefully over the course of the first few dates.


The FUN factor. Men are really just big kids and they ALL love to have fun. I asked one of my favorite gentlemen clients to share with me the one thing that he would recommend to women on how to be irresistible to men and he said “If she’s not fun to be with, I don’t care how gorgeous or smart or accomplished she might be, I’m just not interested…”

Bottom line, the women who are irresistible to men?  It’s an inside job!  Happiness, warmth, playfulness and an open heart that shines through your eyes and your natural, glowing smile.  Practice revealing yourself in this way and report back to me with your results!

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2 Responses to How To Be Irresistible To Men

  1. Rick H. June 1, 2013 at 3:15 pm #

    I have to admit I clicked the link on this page to find out what “secret weapons” women might be using on men. Instead, I found that Julie is dead-on in this post…pure gold.

    All men have had the experience of meeting a beautiful woman who makes herself unattractive by being unsmiling, closed-off and inaccessable. We have also had the experience of being magnetically drawn to a woman of average looks, but who has a warm welcoming smile — who you can feel loves her femininity and loves men.

    If this is a woman’s secret weapon, she can use it on me any time!

  2. Caroline April 23, 2013 at 11:38 am #

    I think that “Confidence” plays a vital role in the development or destruction of a relationship. If you are confident enough to speak up your point and have the ability to make the man understand what you feel then you can be the queen of your guy. However, if you ever try to react over-confident then the man will definitely not tolerate it for so long.

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