How Fearless Matchmakers Find Great Men For You

To be a matchmaker means to be fearless.


This personal matchmaker is NOT afraid of women.

I actually LOVE coaching and providing personal introductions for my female Clients. I can work effectively with women, even those who are beautiful, successful and super selective, because I have been collecting men here in Los Angeles since 2001.

I know a LOT of men…really good men.

How do we find desirable single men?

I absolutely love men – I always have.

And so I recruit.

Since I’m married, I’m positively fearless about walking up to a handsome ring-less gent and do so often. My female clients can count on me to walk right up to a group of handsome, professional looking men, and to flirt my way into a conversation to see who among them is single and would much rather be in love. That’s the kind of man we want in our community.

Do I wait for the guy to call me?

Do I wait for him to schedule a meeting with me?

Do I wait for him to become my personal matchmaking Client, before I’ll consider introducing him to one of my female Clients?

Heck No!

If he’s “all that” believe me, he knows it, and he likely senses that he’s very much in demand, and it may never occur to him to seek out a matchmaker. And so we make it our mission to find him, to screen, vet, and qualify him as a potential candidate for our current and future female Clients to meet.

My favorite way to bring a great new man …. click to continue reading …

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