First Date Snafus? Your Beverly Hills Singles Matchmaker says, “Cut Some Slack”

As personal matchmakers we orchestrate a LOT of first dates. And as a convenience to our Clients, we actually provide concierge service for our Clients’ first dates, coordinating the day and time for the date, the restaurant reservation, confirming with both people — We work hard behind the scenes to make first dates effortless, low stress, and fun.  Even so, snafus happen, even with Beverly Hills singles.  Here’s what one of our Clients did this week to keep life’s little bumps in the road from derailing a first date that might otherwise have gone badly…

One of our Beverly Hills Singles, Paul was right on time for his date with Sandy — and just as he was sitting down at the table he got a text message from her saying that she was caught in traffic, still 30 minutes away.  As a Matchmaker I try to convey to single men and single women the importance of being on time.  And…life happens.
When Sandy was late, Did Paul lose his cool?  Did he call off the date, blaming her for not being more respectful, courteous or better organized?
Nope; quick on his feet, Paul texted her back, suggesting that they meet at another restaurant that was mid way between them.  Sandy was delighted that he was so accommodating and understanding, more so, than some other Beverly Hills Singles she has met. They both drove to the new spot, had a great three hour date and they’ll get together again for their second date this weekend.
Disaster averted, relationship enabled. Why? Because he kept his cool, he got creative, he went the extra mile, he cut her some slack.  Fortunately, those are the types of Beverly Hill Singles we attract in our personal matchmaking community.
In my 20 years as a Beverly Hills Matchmaker, the biggest mistake I see single men and single women making in dating is jumping to a quick conclusion, based on incomplete information. Want to know why Sandy was late?  One of her daughter’s best friends was left stranded at a volleyball game and she came to the poor girls’ rescue by giving her a ride home and ran into bad traffic en route to the date.  Paul is hoping to partner with a woman who has a big, compasionate heart.  She’s obviously got that quality — He’s glad he cut her some slack and they both get the opportunity to explore possibilities with each other now.  Nicely done, Paul!  You most likely will not be a Beverly Hills Single much longer.
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Julie Ferman is the Founder of Julie Ferman Associates. As a personal matchmaker, dating coach, media personality, professional speaker, dating industry consultant and events producer, her mission is to dignify and simplify the love search process for selective, relationship-minded professionals. Julie Ferman Associates provides personal matchmaking services and a full menu of dating coaching services to single men and women throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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