Do you have the HEART for love?

HEART for loveAre you someone who’s “looking for love”?? That’s a question, a phrase that’s commonly used in the dating industry – and I’m not a fan of the phrase, “Looking for love.”

Love is the last thing that can be found by looking out there someplace.

Love is something that can only be discovered from the depths of one’s soul.

Love is something that can’t be gotten from another. It needs to be offered up, given freely, without anticipation or expectation. It takes practice. We humans in today’s modern world, we’re out of practice, and that’s why we’re having such trouble in our relationships.

Love is something that can be received, but only by an open, trusting heart. Whose love are you NOT letting in?

What stands in the way of love?

The need to be right. Let’s ask ourselves, what’s more important, our opinions or our relationships? Let’s remember to ZIP IT when love matters more than alignment on our point of view on politics, religion or … anything that’s not as important as love. HINT: Most arguments are about things that are not anywhere near as important as love. Let’s think before we blurt out our righteous commentary.

Pain — from wounds that we’ve not yet healed. Go ahead, heal, forgive, ask for forgiveness. Clear space for new love.

Fear — that we’ll love first and that it won’t be reciprocated. Go ahead. Love first. You be the one to smile first, to extend that invitation, to say the words that are hard to say. Break through the fear – otherwise, it wins, you lose, love loses.

Hopelessness — a lack of faith that things can be different. Oh, and they CAN be different, but only if YOU are different. Create a daily ritual for yourself that includes meditation or prayer work. Choose powerful words to say to yourself, that serve to keep front of mind the reality that love is a conscious choice, an act of free will, that you can love, that you can be loved.

Love, the THING we want, is not a thing at all, it’s an experience that can only be felt internally. Moment by moment, we choose to love or not to love. What are you choosing? What thoughts are running in your mind? What thoughts are you choosing as the override?

What can you do today that will create love? Who gets to receive your kindness, your smile, your warm touch, your “I Love You”??  Who’s in charge of whether there’s love in your life? You are. I am. Each of us is. It’s our world, on a day by day basis. Our lives are created moment by moment, and we always have the choice.  Who gets to receive your love today?

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