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Designing Your Romantic Future: Giving Instinct the Back Seat

Why do smart people like us sometimes make lousy choices in our love lives? It’s not as complicated as we might think
when we take a good, hard look at Instinct, the primal urges which drive our thoughts and behavior. The way out of Instinct’s grasp is through understanding (an AHA moment), compassion and disciplined practice.
Source: […]

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Julie Ferman

Matchmaking, Julie Ferman Style

In the 25 years I’ve been bringing couples together, I’ve done matchmaking a dozen different ways, and I’m just thrilled with the service model I’ve developed and am working with today. While I can’t control what single love seekers do out there in the world, if they’re meeting online or at bars, here in my […]

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Why Matchmakers Are Afraid of Women

The matchmaking industry is slowly and steadily closing its doors to women.
It’s the sad truth. The majority of personal matchmakers today will only take on a male client.
These “Guy Clients Only” matchmakers are usually happy to “inventory” women for free, through online profile submission, but they won’t spend much if any time on women who inquire […]

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how to manage your stuff

A New Couple’s Challenge – How to Manage and Merge Your Stuff

Are you a new couple? What to do with that wagon wheel coffee table?
Many a new couple has faced this age old dilemma, and I’m guessing most of you remember the classic Wagon Wheel Coffee Table scene from “When Harry Met Sally”.
Hubby, Gil and I have been married since 1990, and still today we are […]

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instant chemistry DNA testing

Integrating DNA Testing to Help Los Angeles Singles Find Love

LA-based matchmaker partners with Instant Chemistry to leverage DNA in services.
Los Angeles. – September, 2014 – Instant Chemistry, in partnership with Los Angeles-based award-winning matchmaker, Julie Ferman adds a new spin to the LA dating scene. Integrating Instant Chemistry’s Singles Kits into her VIP level client services, Ferman will now use analyzed DNA to help […]

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host dinner party

How To Host a “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Party”

Here’s a plan for my top pick singles party, called simply “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”
I was invited to this kind of party in college and then repeated it later in life, with several variations. This party is always a huge hit, and it’s anything but ordinary. Here’s how to pull it off.
Gather some good […]

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