Boot Camp: 60 Days with Julie Ferman, Cupid’s Coach – WHY?

I’ve been building this course since 1990. Since solving the biggest “problem” I had in my life — How to “find” love, how to GROW love, how to KEEP love. To understand Love and to master the art of creating and sustaining love – it has been my life’s work.

This course material has been in development, simmering on the stove for over thirty years, and finally, I’m delighted to have the chance to share the How To, with you. The stew is ready to be served. Can you smell it?

Jumping in on this 60-Day Boot Camp with me? It’s what to do BEFORE you hire a matchmaker. It’s what to do BEFORE you throw yourself out there online, BEFORE you rev up your flirting engine.

Like my mama always said, “If you’re going to do something, do it right, or don’t bother to do it at all.’ This is your How-To-Do-Dating-Well course. I’m dedicating this 60-Day Boot Camp to my mama, Sandy Hardesty, who showed me what it looks like to do something well. And also I’m dedicating this Boot Camp to my mother-in-law, Feisty Frieda Ferman, who showed me what love looks like, how to instigate it, how to manifest it, how to share it and how to keep love alive and growing. Sandy and Frieda, I keep you both with me every day and I thank you for your inspiration and for the example that you provided for me and now, for a whole lot of other people who want to LOVE and to BE LOVED.

Together you and I, and a group of other relationship-oriented, currently single men and women – we will co-create The Plan for your Love Life. And we’ll execute it. And we’ll do it together.

We will design your Love Life. We will launch, we will RE-launch your Love Life, in a way that’s never been done before. And we’ll do it together.

Elton John said it so beautifully.

“Until you give your love,

there’s nothing more that we can do.

Love is the opening door.

Love is what we came here for.

Do you know what I mean?

Have your eyes really seen?”

NOW is our time to see – to discover what Love is, how to create Love, how to BE Love, how to share Love, how to invite Love, how to inspire Love and how to receive Love. And we’re going to do it together.

You and I will spend 60 days together, with focused attention on Love, as a Verb. Transforming Me to We by actually doing dating with Love, FROM a place of Love. Through a Love-focused / Love-driven approach to dating we are going to build a firm foundation for dating, for engaging, for relating, connecting and bonding with Your People.

Together we will actively engage in the process of Transforming Me to We.

How will we accomplish this? You’re going to allow me to be your Guide, your Coach and Instigator. Three decades serving “love seekers” as a world class Personal Matchmaker, a renowned Dating Coach, as Cupid’s Coach personified, I have designed and built a platform to share with you the secrets, strategies, principles and practices that will transform Me to We for you.

Welcome to Boot Camp. Let’s do this together.

CLICK HERE for details and to reserve your spot in an upcoming Boot Camp with Julie Ferman, Cupid’s Coach.


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