Are Your Expectations Sabotaging Your Love Life?

When are we disappointed in life? Think about it – We’re disappointed when our expectations don’t line up with the reality that life just dished up for us.

Would you like for your dating journey to become more fun and more fruitful?

OK then, let’s manage those expectations. 

Would you absolutely love it if your next first date were to be your very last first date?

Would it be a dream come true for this next first date to be the enactment of all your hopes, dreams, and aspirations?

Of course… We all want our fantasies to come true. And we know that it’s Are-Your-Expectations-Sabotaging-Your-Love-Life_-featured_2-300x169unlikely that real life will play out just as it does in our fantasies, yet we’re disappointed when things don’t turn out for us. At some level, we’re expecting that life will turn out like it does in the movies, like it does in our fantasies.

Here’s the key – let’s ground your hopes, dreams and fantasies in a manageable reality.Whip out that wish list – the list of qualities and attributes that you would love to see all packaged up nicely and neatly into one human being. If you’ve never made Your List, then now’s the time. Pen and paper or a new Notes page on your phone or iPad – either will do.

If the people you’re meeting out there in the real world are disappointing you, the reason is because they’re not measuring up to the fantasy person you have lodged in your mind. They’re lacking some or many of the adjectives that show up on Your List. Learn More How to manage and transform this for yourself …

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