6 signs He Is Emotionally Unavailable


Watch out for the below 6 signs

1. He leads with his sexuality – he’s fun, playful, charming, assertive and on-go for things to heat up in the bedroom, but you can’t really tell what he’s made of. He’s all about the NOW, and it’s all FUN, but your gut is telling you that he might be a flash in the pan. Your gut is likely to be right. His Big Ego serves to get him a lot of attention, and also serves to hide or camouflage all kinds of flaws – like an inability to be truly present, vulnerable, open and connected. These guys are all style and no substance.

2. His past is sketchy. He trashes his ex / exes and tends to blame the failed relationship on everyone and everything but himself. He’s the type who won’t or can’t take responsibility for the loves that are now lost. He’s angry, bitter and resentful, and it’s not his fault. It’s never his fault, but gee… the same kinds of things keep happening to him.

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