Why MEN Are Hiring matchmaker

Why MEN Are Hiring Us These Days

I asked ten of my Gentlemen Clients two questions:

What inspired you to hire me as your personal matchmaker?
What has been for you the biggest BENEFIT in having me in your life, as your professional matchmaker & Dating Coach?

Here are some quotes we received back.
Reliability and Confidence. “What I love about being your matchmaking client is […]

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Julie Ferman - Legendary Matchmaker & Dating Guru

Julie Ferman, Legendary for Serving Women

It’s a shame, in my mind, that the vast majority of today’s personal matchmakers will take on male clients only, rarely or never the female client. There are a dozen reasons why the dating industry’s matchmakers have gravitated in this direction over these past 10 – 20 years, but to generalize, it’s because we girls […]

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girl saying hello

Your Inner Flirt – How to Release It, How to Cultivate It

How to transform Me to We? Become better at flirting. Wherever you are on the sociability scale, let’s ratchet things up for you a level or two by evolving your ability to engage folks out there in your world. Here’s what to do:

Get Out. Of the house, that is. If you really want to shake […]

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HEART for love

Do you have the HEART for love?

Are you someone who’s “looking for love”?? That’s a question, a phrase that’s commonly used in the dating industry – and I’m not a fan of the phrase, “Looking for love.”
Love is the last thing that can be found by looking out there someplace.
Love is something that can only be discovered from the depths of […]

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Los Angeles Singles

Do You Have “A Shot” At This Guy? First, Two Hurdles To Jump Over

Vicki was over the moon delighted with John the gentleman I introduced to her – he’s JUST the type of man she came to me hoping to meet. Handsome, successful, engaging, honest and open, and … sincerely seeking life-long love. But…alas…on his side, the chemistry isn’t there. In studying her personal profile initially, he was […]

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Online Dating Site

Which Online Dating Site is best for YOU?

If you’re one who can handle the rapid waters of online dating, then GO for it. But how do you know which one would be best for you?
I recommend being on two sites at once, one a BIG one and another that might be more niche based, oriented around one of your passions, so you […]

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